FUENTES, A.: Grace Note (PHACE)

FUENTES, A.: Grace Note (PHACE)


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- (Disc 1)
Ensemble: Liquid Loft
Ensemble: PHACE

Fuentes, Arturo - Composer
Grace Note

Festival: Wien Modern
Playing Time: 00:03:51
Catalogue Number: 0013382KAI
UPC: 9120010281990

Music for the eyes: Lightness, Quickness, Exactitude, Visibility, Multiplicity - a collection of five essays by Italo Calvino forms the thematic basis of the production Grace Note, in which PHACE collaborates with a group of internationally renowned artists: Arturo Fuentes, Austrian choreographer Chris Harling, and Gunter Brus.

In this interdisciplinary project, the visual performance art, sound, acoustic instruments and electronics interlock with each other to form a dynamic structure of reaction and interaction, sound and motion. In the manner of a film in which parallel stories and temporal levels come together to form an overall narrative, five scenes are created in which a bodily movement can break a sonic rhythm or a drawn line can touch off a series of new events. PHACE interprets music that is in constant motion, much like a harmonic rain falling fragmentarily onto the bodies present on the stage.

Part 1

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