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- (Disc 1)

Morricone, Ennio - Composer
Gli intoccabili (The Untouchables)
C'era una volta in America (Once Upon a Time in America)
The Legend of 1900 (La Leggenda del pianista sull'oceano)
Cinema Paradiso
Il Buono, il brutto, il cattivo (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)
C'era una volta il West (Once Upon a Time in the West)
Giu la testa (A Fistful of Dynamite)
Sostiene Pereira (According to Pereira)
Vittime di guerra (Casualties of War)
The Mission
Le Clan des Siciliens (The Sicilian Clan)
Metti, una sera a cena (Love Circle)
Canone Inverso (Making Love)
Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto (Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion)
La classe operaia va in paradiso (The Working Class Goes to Heaven)
The Desert of the Tartars (Il deserto dei Tartari)

Venue: Philharmonie im Gasteig, Munich
Date of Concert: 20-10-2004
Playing Time: 01:40:00
Television Director: Morricone, Giovanni
Producer: Pauli, Helmut
Catalogue Number: EuroArts5469
UPC: 880242546982

This film is a genuine premiere starring the greatest motion picture composer of the present day: Ennio Morricone. Morricone's music has been well known to moviegoers for decades and his name stands for warmly melodic soundtracks, superbly suited to the films they grace. Born in 1928 in Rome, he went to school with film director Sergio Leone, with whom he would later form one of the great director/composer partnerships. His sparse arrangements, unorthodox instrumentation and memorable tunes revolutionised the way music would be used in Westerns. He has written nearly 400 film scores and this programme contains a representative sample of his rich creative output including short clips from his most famous films. The Munich Philharmonic – one of the best German symphony orchestras - invited Morricone to conduct his own music.

Part 1

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