GRAFENEGG MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S GALA 2014 (Denoke, Vargas, Thibaudet, Mena)

GRAFENEGG MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S GALA 2014 (Denoke, Vargas, Thibaudet, Mena)


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Ravel, Maurice - Composer
Strauss, Richard - Composer
Puccini, Giacomo - Composer
Cilea, Francesco - Composer
Lehar, Franz - Composer
Straus, Oscar - Composer
Gershwin, George - Composer
Rodgers, Richard - Composer
Elgar, Edward - Composer

Festival: Grafenegg Festival
Playing Time: 01:27:04
Television Director: Haschek, Heidelinde
Catalogue Number: EuroArts7277
UPC: 880242727787

Grafenegg, home to the world's best orchestras, singers and musicians is set in the gorgeous wine-country landscape of Lower Austria, the historic castle and its beautiful invite to a spectacle of classical music inspired by nature.

The Midsummer Night's Gala takes a musical stroll through the romantic landscape of Wachau while lending the German top soprano Angela Denoke, the Mexican tenor Ramon Vargas or renowned pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet your ear. Conducted by one of Spain's most distinguished conductors, Juanjo Mena leads the Tonkunstler Orchestra.

Enjoy a musical world tour with popular classics by Edward Elgar, Ravel, Strauss, Puccini, Cilea, Lehar, Heuberger, Gimenez, Barcelata, Velazquez, Gershwin, Rodgers and Hollaender.

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