GWIAZDA, H.: She's Walking ...

GWIAZDA, H.: She's Walking ...


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- (Disc 1)

Gwiazda, Henry - Composer
I'm Sitting, Watching
She's Walking ...
Living is ...

Date of Concert: 2005
Playing Time: 01:33:00
Catalogue Number: INNOVA639
UPC: 726708663926

This is one of those 'in between' moments.

Henry Gwiazda doesn't want to be thought of as a composer anymore; the three animated video works on this recording may put the kibosh on that once and for all. The former guitar-and-sampler guru has gone anything but Hollywood.

These are sparse Zen studies of everydayness: houses on a suburban street, a downtown outdoor restaurant, or a guitarist practicing in the living room. Just enough sound and gesture to catch your attention without rattling your Cage.

"They’re the most trivial little happenings, and somehow Gwiazda makes us start eagerly anticipating them. What he hopes is, that once we turn away from his art and go back to our lives, we’ll take that same attitude to the sensuous details around us. It works for me." [Kyle Gann]

"Perhaps we should focus our attention on the vast majority of time in which we live, those times 'in between' where nothing is going on- those empty spots, while we're waiting for what we believe are the events of our life." [Henry Gwiazda]

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