DURRANT, Richard: Guitar Whisperer (The)

DURRANT, Richard: Guitar Whisperer (The)


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- (Disc 1)

Myers, Stanley - Composer
Walton, William - Composer
Reich, Steve - Composer
Oldfield, Mike - Composer
Albeniz, Isaac - Composer
Durrant, Richard - Composer

Venue: Minerva Theatre, Chichester
Date of Concert: 12-11-2009
Playing Time: 02:23:53
Television Director: Grabsky, Phil
Catalogue Number: SEV160
UPC: 5060115340182

Richard Durrant's extraordinary virtuosity and category-defying repertoire have earned him a unique place in the world of the guitar. After 24 years of touring and recording, Richard is now ackowledged as one of the outstanding guitarists of his generation. His continually evolving performances are testimony not only to his boundless creativity but also his dazzling versatility and mastery of the guitar and its music.

Bonus features:
- A comprehensive and unedited interview.
- A documentary film in which Richard Durrant explores what it is to be a 21st-century itinerant musician.

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Part 2

Part 3

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